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$109 $149.99

  • 4 Speed Putting Mat
  • Visible Ball Traces 
  • 6 Foam Wedges 
  • Size: 10'x20" (3m x 50cm)

ProInfinity Putting Mat

$159 $199.00

  • Heavy-duty hitting mat
  • Absorbs club shock
  • Including 2 tees for drivers, woods and irons
  • 4/10" PP grass & 1/3" foam
  • Size: 3'x5' (100 cm x 150cm)

The ProMat 3'x5'

$499 $599.00

  • No Tools Required
  • Weather Resistant practice cage
  • High Quality 32 mm Steel Frame & ultra-durable netting
  • Huge: 10'x10'x10'
  • Safe: Play inside the cage

The MasterCage

$19 $24.99

  • Unique Pop Up design
  • Folds Flat
  • Bottom Pocket for Stability
  • Take It Anywhere
  • Angled Target
  • Catches Your Shot

The ProChipping Net

$29 $34.99

  • Easy set up  
  • Ball Return System

Replacement Net (ProReturn)

$159 $179.99

  • Instant Set up & Fold Down!
  • Unique Ball Return System!
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use!
  • Lightweight and Portable

The ProReturn Net

$199 $229.00

  • Instant Set up & Fold Down!
  • Double net barrier system!
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use!
  • Lightweight and Portable

The ProReturn Net X2

$89 $99.90

  • World's Most Compact Golf Practice Net!
  • Pops up & folds up instantly for easy storage!
  • First golf net for limited spaces!
  • Extended size: 5'x3' (1.5m x 1m

The ProApproach Net

$99 $149.00

  • Baffle net
  • Durable netting 
  • Velcros included
  • Size: 9'x9" (2.7m x 2.7m)
  • Can be used as an individual golf net or baffle net for MasterCage

Baffle Net

Any Sport, Anytime


  • Instant set up plus easy fold down gives you more practice time
  • Automatic Ball Return (No more buckets)
  • High Quality polyester durable netting w/spring steel frame
  • Durable carrying case
  • Used by PGA Instructors for the golf lessons

Our Patent Pending design combined with all the features you want makes this the best MultiSport Practice net available.

Golf Practice Net from ProAdvanced on Vimeo.

Testimonials from Golfers - see more testimonials

" When you are done simply "wind it up", put the net back in it's bag and store it away. It's quite simply the best golf net on the market today."

NW Golf Guys Player's Club

" I’ve loved having my ReadyNet in the back yard and being able to jump out there and hit balls on a second’s notice.  When winter comes I’ll be stoked to have the net setup in my garage or basement to keep loose. "   See more here 

Tony Korologos - Golf Media Guru

" I have been through so many nets over the past few years so I wanted to say thanks for the quality product, so worth it. " (SEE VIDEO HERE)

Matt Reise - PGA Instructor

" I really appreciate your attention to detail.  The Multisport is huge, priced right, and high quality. "

Chris West - London UK