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The ProReturn Net

  • Improve your swing with the instant shot feedback with the Ball Return System !
  • Save Time with the fastest and easiest sport net to set up and take down !
  • Great for both Indoor and Outdoor use for Golf, Baseball, Soccer...
  • Save Money. You buy direct from the factory!
  • Safe: 9 ft (width) x 6 ft (height) with ultra resistant UV treated netting


The most versatile and practical sport net out there. The ProReturn Net combines all the attributes of the best practice nets. The unique shape of the inside net catches your shot before rolling it back to you. Super fast set-up with unbreakable spring steel frame that "pops" open, and folds down in seconds. Instructions are sewn directly into the bag, and includes stakes and stabilizing cords for windy conditions. Can be used for soccer, golf, baseball and cricket. Buying direct from Pro-Advanced.com automatically registers your product for a one year limited manufacturer warranty.  

We ship worldwide within 24 hours or next working day (if Sat. or Sun.) from our warehouses in the US, UK & China with UPS & FEDEX or TNT - tracking numbers available.


  • " When you are done simply "wind it up", put the net back in it's bag and store it away. It's quite simply the best golf net on the market today."

    NW Golf Guys Player's Club
  • " I’ve loved having my ReadyNet in the back yard and being able to jump out there and hit balls on a second’s notice.  When winter comes I’ll be stoked to have the net setup in my garage or basement to keep loose. "   See more here 

    Tony Korologos - Golf Media Guru